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Sultry Mickie James in a hardcore threesome

Monday, September 19th, 2016

As a professional wrestler, Mickie James is always working out and making sure all the corners of that sexy body is toned. Every single muscle she focuses on just so everything is balanced and would work to her advantage during events when she has to win a match. She does win and even get awarded in championships but this isn’t the only workout that James has been spending so much time on. Her daily routine of hitting the gym and doing all those crazy diets actually wear her out at times that’s why she found another way to have fun while toning those muscles. This fun “exercise” involves her fitness trainer and one of her playmates at her BDSM club. She enjoys humiliating the latter as much as he enjoys getting pleasure each time James gives him orders he simply can’t refuse. In this hardcore trio sexy time, James teases her slave by giving the ripped jock a nice sloppy head and deepthroating his huge dick until she’s close to gagging. She lets the tied up guy eat her pussy and play with her tits as she rides the other dude like it’s the last thing she would do.

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She swears she loses more fat and burn more calories when having hardcore sex with these men as she can feel every single muscle in her body responding to the wild and rough thrusts, sweating it out way more in just a few minutes compared to hours she waste in a stinky space with other people’s sweat on equipments she uses. James says at least in this ‘work out’ she gets to just ride one equipment and use it for how long she would want and need until she gets satisfied with results without having to compete with anyone else. She’s always satisfied al right and she promises some more wild clips like these, which we would eventually find if we look hard enough. Such a fucking tease, yeah? Well, with the way she handles these two horny men, it will be worth our effort in discovering more of her kinky stash on the web.

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

mickie james interracial porn

WWE fans, your jaws are gonna drop when you see this! Here are photos of  Mickie James being fucked by a black dude. And you know what they say… Once you go black, you never go back! The photos show the wrestling hottie’s vagina being stuffed by the black guy’s love sausage.

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Get a load of these pictures featuring a black stud’s extra-sized cock penetrating this luscious wrestler chick’s pussy. Mickie James is a WWE Women’s Champion, she currently aspires to be a country singer.

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mickie james interracial penetration

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