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Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

mickie james interracial porn

WWE fans, your jaws are gonna drop when you see this! Here are photos of  Mickie James being fucked by a black dude. And you know what they say… Once you go black, you never go back! The photos show the wrestling hottie’s vagina being stuffed by the black guy’s love sausage.

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Get a load of these pictures featuring a black stud’s extra-sized cock penetrating this luscious wrestler chick’s pussy. Mickie James is a WWE Women’s Champion, she currently aspires to be a country singer.

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mickie james interracial penetration

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Softcore pictures of Mickie James

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Aside from her sizzling nude pictures with Leg Show magazine, Mickie James did one pictorial where she was modelling with this guy acting as a wrestler and the succeeding pictures showed Mickie and the guy simulating sex play as our wrestling diva slowly shed off her clothes until she was fully naked, exposing her tits, ass and pussy while doing a number of provocative poses for the magazine spread. This has got to be one of Mickie’s hottest photo sets to date and we are lucky enough to secure the entire set of her softcore pictures and now you can get to see a sultry Mickie James during her pre-WWE Diva days as a nude model.

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Mickie James’ hot nude pictures from Leg Show magazine

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

We all knew Mickie James as this alluring female wrestler who was Trish Stratus’ big fan that became obsessed with her and soon Mickie was making headlines in the wrestling world as one of the most hard-kicking, bad-ass diva who won the WWE Women’s Championship four times since she first won during Wrestlemania 22… but soon things were about to change when reports of posing nude for a men’s magazine started circulating in and around the industry until the actual photos of Mickie in her birthday suit surfaced and our wrestling diva admitted to have posed nude for Leg Show magazine back in 2000.

It showed a young and sexy Mickie James in all of her naked glory as she flaunts her tits, ass and even fingered her sweet pussy in front of the cameras in a series of hot nude pictures that will definitely make you drool like crazy! Get to see the entire photo set from her Leg Show magazine stint that we have collected and before you bust a nerve, click here and enjoy Mickie James during her pre-WWE stardom only at Mickie James Naked.

Sexy upskirt shots of Mickie James

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Mickie James rocked the entire wrestling world when she first appeared on WWE in 2005 as a big fan of former wrestling diva Trish Stratus for which the storyline had a twist and Mickie became an obsessed stalker of Trish until it was during Royal Rumble in 2006 where she professed her love for Trish Stratus and the rest is history. We all know that once these wrestling divas enter the ring for their match, you are going to expect a lot of neat shots from them as they tumble and fumble around while getting to see some tittie slips and upskirts galore, and there are a lot of these pictures taken from Mickie James’ previous matches and we are sharing them to all of you right now.

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